Lee Seung Gi’s “Knowing Bros” Appearance Reemerges Amid Shocking Allegations That The Singer Has Never Been Paid For His Music

The allegations shed new light on his appearance.

Lee Seung Gi‘s statement during an appearance on JTBC’s Knowing Bros  is going viral amid shocking revelations that the singer/actor has never been paid  for his singing endeavors.

Lee Seung Gi | DongA Ilbo

On November 21, media outlet Dispatch released a shocking exposé alleging that the actor has never been paid during his singing career.

Dispatch Reveals Lee Seung Gi Has Been Paid A Grand Total Of 0 Won For His Music Over The Past 18 Years

The news is shocking as Lee Seung Ki was once one of Korea’s most popular singers and has achieved a string of classic hits during his career, such as “Because You’re My Woman” and “Will You Marry Me.”

In light of the controversy, Lee Seung Gi’s past appearance on JTBC’s Knowing Bros is going viral among netizens.

In his December 2021 appearance, Lee Seung Gi is asked by the show’s castmates how much he made on JTBC’s hit musical survival show Sing Again.

At the time, Lee Seung Gi shocked castmates and audiences when he revealed he didn’t know how much he made.

Castmates rightfully suspected Lee Seung Gi was withholding the information and teased that he must have made an extraordinary amount of money.

Netizens stated that the new revelations had brought new meaning to the clip. Many were shocked that Lee Seung Gi was telling the truth when he stated he didn’t know how much he was getting paid.

  • “At the time, since he (Lee Seung Gi) had already made a lot of money, I thought he was saying how he didn’t care about how much he made, but now when I watch, I feel like he really didn’t know.”
  • “I mean, how can they (Hook Entertainment) not have told him how much he has earned?”
  • “Oh, I think he really didn’t know.”
  • “Wow…”
  • “He has only ever been with (Hook Entertainment), but they treated him like a slave. Reading how (the CEO) talked to the managers, you can tell (Lee Seung Gi) was treated poorly.”
  • “Wow, I thought since variety show appearances were guaranteed per episode, he would know how much he got paid.”
  • “Ha…”
  • “I can’t believe he was telling the truth and not just playing it off as a joke. His fans must feel so bad.”

Earlier, Dispatch released an exposé in which they alleged Lee Seung Gi had never been paid as a singer. The exposé documented alleged revenues from the singer’s career and stated that Lee Seung Gi had been robbed of billions of KRW. Hook Entertainment has not yet commented on the allegations.

Source: Wikitree