Netizens Suspect Lee Seung Gi And Lee Da In Have Broken Up — Their Agencies Release Statements

Their agencies speak up.

It was previously reported that actors Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In were in a relationship. Lee Seung Gi was even spotted introducing Lee Da In to his grandmother. However, with a recent post from Lee Da In on Instagram, netizens have been suspecting that the two might have broken up.

On August 4, 2021, Lee Da In posted a photograph with the caption, “I’m just a woman who’s willing to live each day to the fullest. Because it’s your life, and you only live once. No one else live your life for you. So I will bear all the bitterness, and cherish all the happiness in life.” The post was soon taken down.

Their agencies soon released official statements on the matter. 9ATO Entertainment, which houses Lee Da In, stated to Star News that they “were not well-versed on this” while Lee Seung Gi’s Hook Entertainment made a similar statement that “it was hard to verify.

The couple’s dating news shook the industry as many fans were opposed to Lee Da In, due to her complicated family history where her parents were accused of stock manipulation.



Source: Star News

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