Lee Shin Young’s Former “Hoobae” Defends the Rookie Actor Against School Violence Rumors

“He was so innocent that he almost looked dumb.”

In the midst of school violence rumors surrounding rookie actor, Lee Shin Young, who is starring in Netflix’s Crash Landing on You, a netizen claiming to be his former “hoobae” in middle school spoke up to defend the actor against the rumors.

The netizen, who is 3 years younger than Lee Shin Young explained how he and his parents knew him so well.

My parents used to teach him. Our region is very small. The homeroom teacher of Lee Shin Young transferred to our school and told us just how nice he was.

– Netizen

He then continued that rumors of him being a bully is ridiculous and that he’s quite the opposite.

I wish people would stop saying nonsense like how he was a famous bully. He was so quiet and kind that he almost looked dumb.

– Netizen


The netizen also added that his parents said about Lee Shin Young when he first entered a modeling agency.

My parents wouldn’t stop praising Lee Shin Young ever since he entered the modeling agency. They said he had such good manners and charms that he was probably going to make it.

– Netizen

He concluded that if the rumors of him being a bully were true, he would have been dealt with by the school for school violence.

I heard he kicked another student, but if he really did things like that, our school would have dealt with him for school violence. I’m only writing this because the rumors are so ridiculous.

– Netizen

Ahead of this post, another netizen claiming to be a former classmate insisted that Lee Shin Young was a bully who used violence on other students.

However, shortly after the post went viral, the netizen took it down and changed his stance that he was mistaken.


Source: Insight