Lee Si Eon Flooded With Massive Hate For Wearing A Watch Worth $200,000 USD On “I Live Alone”

Netizens have a problem because of how “little” he donated for COVID-19.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s I Live Alone, Lee Si Eon appeared wearing a very expensive Patek Philippe watch, triggering massive hate from netizens.

The watch he was wearing is predicted to be the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980/1R, which means it’s worth around $200,000 USD in resale value.

And as soon as netizens realized this, they flooded the actor with massive hate.

Online Community
Online Community

The reason why netizens are so furious is that earlier this year, Lee Si Eon received criticism for “bragging” about donating ₩1.00 million KRW (about $851 USD) toward the COVID-19 cause, which was perceived to be a lot less than what other celebrities were donating.

| @lee_si_eon/Instagram

While some came to his defence by claiming that everyone should donate what they can afford, the fact that he was seen wearing a much more expensive watch triggered anger amongst netizens.

| @lee_si_eon/Instagram

As soon as the controversy became heated, Lee Si Eon took to his Instagram to clarify that the watch is actually not his.

Many people are talking about the watch. But it’s not mine, hahaha. Thank you to those who are saying it is. I plan to buy it in year 2100.

— Lee Si Eon

| @lee_si_eon/Instagram

However, Lee Si Eon’s clarification has yet to stop netizens from flooding him with hate.

Source: Insight
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