LOONA Reveals What It’s Like To Work With Lee Soo Man On Their New Album “#Hash”

Lee Soo Man fell in love with LOONA after seeing this video!

LOONA recently made their comeback with their latest album, “#Hash”. Their album was particularly anticipated as it’s the first album that Lee Soo Man produced that didn’t belong to an SM Entertainment artist.

LOONA appeared as guest stars on the radio show, “Idol Radio”, where they opened up on what it’s like to work with the famous producer!

Eve revealed that Lee Soo Man reached out to them after seeing their potential through their cover of NCT127’s “Cherry Bomb”. The video has over 9.5 million views.

While Mr. Lee Soo Man was conducting a global project, he discovered us. He saw potential in us after seeing our cover for NCT127’s ‘Cherry Bomb’.

We’re so thankful that he became our producer.

— Eve

Eve also gave a little glimpse into what it’s like working with Lee Soo Man. Apparently, just great! She explained that they had a wonderful time and looked forward to meeting him in person one day.

While preparing for this album, we were very happy thanks to our producer, Lee Soo Man. We were able to have fun while making the song.

We’re so thankful and hope to meet him one day.

— Eve

The title track to the Lee Soo Man x LOONA collaboration is titled, “So What”. The new track brings a fiercer and darker concept to LOONA.

The song holds a message about breaking societal standards and marching forward with confidence.

We like that it’s a strong concept.

— Heejin

Check out the recent hit collab between LOONA and Lee Soo Man below: