Lee Soon Jae’s First On-Air Apology Under Fire For “Dismissive Wording”

He apologized once again for mistreating his manager, but netizens are angry about his wording.

Veteran actor, Lee Soon Jae made his first on-air appearance on TBS FM’s Kim Gyu Ri’s Splash where he apologized once again for the controversy he recently faced for mistreating his manager.

Following his official apology through a letter, Lee Soon Jae took advantage of his first public appearance since the controversy to address the matter again.

Lee Soon Jae expressed,

I apologize once again for evoking criticism for a short while over a trivial matter.

– Lee Soon Jae

But as soon as his apology was aired, netizens got into a heated debate about the wording of his apology in online communities.

Many believe that describing the controversy as a trivial manner is inappropriate and dismissive.

Some netizens expressed their disappointment through comments such as “It’s not a trivial matter to the victim” and “Did he have to add the word ‘trivial” in there?

On the other hand, others stressed, “I think you’re criticizing him for no reason” and “I think what he meant by trivial was that it’s his matter and not anyone else’s“.


Source: Insight