Veteran Actor Lee Soon Jae Admits To Ex-Manager’s Extreme Accusations In Formal Apology

“The information that my ex-manager revealed to the press was correct.” – Lee Soon Jae

Veteran actor, Lee Soon Jae was recently accused of treating his ex-manager like a servant by ordering him to fulfill personal tasks such as taking out his garbage, lifting heavy items, and taking their clothes to the dry cleaners, in addition to making him work extreme hours and not compensating him fairly.


Following the controversy, Lee Soon Jae expressed through his agency that he would clarify the exaggerated misunderstandings in a formal manner.

On July 5, Lee Soon Jae released a formal apology which reads as follows:

This is actor, Lee Soon Jae.

I’d like to sincerely apologize to fans who trusted me and cheered me on regarding the disgraceful controversy surrounding how I treated my ex-manager. And to fellow actors, aspiring actors, and students, I apologize for not setting a good example. I know my agency already released a statement, but as an actor who’s received the citizens’ love for a long time, I thought apologizing in person was the right thing to do.

Regarding the incident in question, I acknowledge that I lacked virtue and I lost sight of my rule of respecting other people. Regarding this point, I spoke to my ex-manager, listened to his side of the story, sympathized with it, and gave him an apology. The information that my ex-manager revealed to the press was correct, and I apologize for that.

It’s wrong to not differentiate work pertaining to home and work, and I’ll be sure that it never happens again. As for my future managers, I asked my agency’s CEO to make sure they get full insurance coverage regardless of their current status of employment.

I’ve also noticed that there are many comments of criticism aimed at my ex-manager, and I’ve heard that as a result, my ex-manager and his family are suffering mental hardship. The most important thing right now is to make sure my ex-manager has his disappointment and hurt healed, so my ex-manager shouldn’t receive any criticism regarding this issye. This was all because of my doing, so I ask that you stop criticizing my ex-manager.

As a result of this incident, the managers I work with as well as other persons related to the industry were faced with difficulty. As someone who’s lived his whole life as an actor, I am reflecting upon my actions in pain for not considering their hardships. For the remainder of my live, I’ll be sure to think about what I can do for the rights and interests of my fellow colleagues and see it through with action. I promise to become an actor who can be of help to those suffering similar hardships.

– Lee Soon Jae

Source: Insight