“He’s So Dirty” — Person Blackmailing Actor Lee Sun Kyun For His Drug Usage Reported To Be A Brothel Manager

They had taken drugs together.

It was previously reported that actor Lee Sun Kyun was under blackmail by a drug dealer. He was placed under investigation for the abuse of drugs on October 21, 2023. In the case, he had allegedly taken drugs at an adult establishment with a few others, including the workers at the adult establishment, a celebrity hopeful, and a chaebol heiress. Later on, he faced blackmail of ₩300 million KRW (about $222,000 USD) from his drug dealer.

On October 23, 2023, investigations revealed that the drug dealer was none other than the manager at the adult establishment he had visited. The specific establishment he visited was a “Tenpro” establishment, known for their “high-quality” workers that serve only the VIPs and the top few percent of clients in the country. Usually, it is only the rich and famous that seek out Tenpro establishments. The 29-year-old manager, A, as well as staff in her 20s, was taken in for investigations in Lee Sun Kyun’s case.

Lee Sun Kyun. | YNA

The Incheon Police stated that Lee Sun Kyun had taken drugs at A’s house in Seoul previously. Following this, she called him over 10 times in order to extort money from him. It was said that A had targeted him due to his status and image as a kind actor. A is also under investigation for repeated drug abuse. It was reported that she partakes in drugs with her many VIP clients. A’s residence has been seized for investigations, and her phone is under forensics screening at the moment.

Netizens were highly disappointed at Lee Sun Kyun’s actions. More so than drug abuse, they were shocked by the fact that he did drugs with a woman from the adult industry.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • He’s breaking up his family… The rest of his family is so pitiful.
  • At the house of someone who works at an adult establishment… f*ck. F*cking dirty…
  • This is what shocks me the most, more so than the drugs. It’s gonna be hard for him to make a come back.
  • At her house???
  • Sigh.
  • He’s so dirty… At the house of a woman who works at a brothel.. Puking.
  • Wow, honestly… this crumbles me more than the drugs itself.

Lee Sun Kyun has already filed a lawsuit against A for blackmail.

Source: YNA and theqoo