Top Actor “L” Involved In Drug Abuse Case Was Reportedly Blackmailed By The Drug Dealer

Here’s how much they requested from him.

It was previously reported that a top star with the initial “L” had been found to have abused drugs. Although the investigation is still ongoing, the Incheon Police reported that a total of 8 people were found to be abusing drugs at an adult establishment with Actor “L.” This included celebrity hopefuls, as well as workers at the adult establishment.

An adult establishment being raided by the police. This photo is unrelated and used for illustrative purposes. | TBS

On October 20, 2023, it was reported that Actor “L” had been blackmailed by the drug dealer. The number amounted to around ₩300 million KRW (about $221,000 USD). Korean news reporters received a tipoff that the drug dealer purposely made use of the fact that Actor “L” was a top star. As Actor “L” was provided marijuana by the dealer, but ended up being ripped off instead.

Netizens have already begun guessing at the identity of this top star. Guesses have attached the keyword “Vongole” to the star, referring to a famous catch phrase from his hit drama. He is confirmed to be in his 40s.

You can read more about the initial case below.

Top Movie Star Abuses Drugs At An Adult Establishment With Trainees — Netizens Try To Guess The Star’s Identity

Source: KG News