Lee Teuk Worries Fans With His Latest Instagram Confession

They’re worried for his health.

Super Junior‘s Lee Teuk uploaded a post onto Instagram, where he laid out in bed with his dog, Kung.


Although he seemed complacent in the photos, fans were worried after reading his caption. He appeared to be feeling lonely as 2018 came to a close. He wished someone would reach out to him for even a small greeting.

“I spent the end of the year working and resting with Kung. Since I don’t drink, no one asks me to come out. I don’t want to go out either. It’s cold. I only need someone to talk to. I wish someone would ask me how I’m doing through chat. I don’t ask for more, it would just make me so happy for someone to say, ‘Good job. Be happy.’ I hope everything works out in 2019.”

— Lee Teuk


Fans began to worry for his health, as they reassured him that his fans are always caring for him by his side.


Perhaps it was due to all of the overwhelming love from his fans, but Lee Teuk uploaded a new post to celebrate the New Year in a more positive tone!

“Everyone worked hard this year. I hope next year will be full of more blessings. And I hope everyone becomes rich. I’ll pray that you’re not sick and stay healthy and happy. Even though next year will probably not bring any miracles, let’s promise each other that we’ll never give up and live diligently in 2019 as well!!”

— Lee Teuk


Always remember that you’re dearly loved, Lee Teuk!

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