Actress Lee Yu Bi Officially Apologizes For Her Participation In “Joseon Exorcist”

She explains why she took it up in the first place.

Following the various controversies surrounding the K-Drama Joseon Exorcist, its actors and broadcasting stations have stepped up to apologize for the oversights. Eventually, the drama was cancelled after a mere two episodes. Lead actor Jang Dong Yoon apologized for his participation in the drama while Kam Woo Sung turned his social media to private. Lee Yu Bi is the next in line to issue an official apology through social media.

Hello. This is Lee Yu bi. I am writing this as I wanted to upload a reflective post as to having given many people discomfort through the issue. Please understand that my post comes late as I am uploading it after the drama team’s side has finished organizing the situation. This drama was one that I met with during a period of time where I had many personal worries. It was a point of time where I was thinking about what kind of role I wished to take up in the future, what I am able to do, as well as how I wanted to fulfil new things and challenge them one by one. It was due to my personal greed that I wanted to try a character that I had not done before. I am reflecting over having overlooked and not considered the part where it distorts history. In the future, I will work hard so as to become an actress that looks upon her works with a wider view. Once again, I apologize. From, Lee Yu Bi.

— Lee Yu Bi

Joseon Exorcist came into controversy when various scenes, including a table setting as well as character portrayals were criticized as distortion of history. Tensions between Korea and China have always been high due to cultural and historical conflicts. Historical records have always been a sensitive point between the two countries, thus the uproar from Korean public regarding Joseon Exorcist.