Leeteuk Updates On His New Friendship With BTS’s J-Hope, And It Really Proves J-Hope’s True Personality

J-Hope went out of his way for Leeteuk!

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk held a live broadcast on his YouTube channel where he talked about everything about his latest recipes to meeting a new foreign friend at the sauna.

During his talk, he updated his fans about his recent friendship with BTS‘s J-Hope and his family.

Leeteuk had previously revealed that J-Hope’s father personally came up to him while bathing at a sauna. He struck up a friendship with J-Hope’s dad and was soon introduced to the rest of J-Hope’s family members after discovering that they live in the same building.

And Leeteuk revealed that he’s now become friends with J-Hope as well! They’ve exchanged contact information and Leeteuk dished out the latest story of their growing friendship.

Leeteuk revealed that J-Hope had been trying to give him a signed copy of their latest “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” CD but couldn’t find the time out of his hectic schedule.

J-Hope decided to leave a message instead to convey his apologies.

BTS’s J-Hope – Hobi – messaged me saying, ‘Hyung, I wanted to give you our signed CD, but just can’t seem to find the right time. I’m sorry.’ So I replied, ‘It’s okay. We’re really both so busy so how can we meet each other?’

— Leeteuk

But that didn’t deter J-Hope from sending a gift to his senior and new friend. Leeteuk was recently stopped by J-Hope’s mom who was on her way to personally deliver J-Hope’s gift to Leeteuk! But considering the family’s loving personality, his mom added in her own little gift for Leeteuk!

Leeteuk revealed that J-Hope’s family always takes care of him, so he plans to gift them with a signed copy of his cookbook.

Actually, it was yesterday when I was heading down to the sauna. Even though I wear a hat and mask, everyone seems to know that it’s me. I met Hobi’s mom.

I greeted her, and she said, ‘Oh my, I was on my way to see you!’ She was on her way to give me the signed CD! She handed me the CD but she also took out another thing wrapped in paper, saying ‘And this is something that I wanted to give you.’

It was the thing that you stick on your face mask after you take it off. She’s always taking care of me, so I messaged her that I’ll gift her a signed copy of my cookbook.

— Leeteuk

Leeteuk’s story just proved that J-Hope and his family are some of the sweetest and most caring people on Earth! They’ll go out of their way to make sure that the people around them are cared for and loved.

Here’s to more stories between these two K-Pop legends!

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