BTS J-Hope’s Family Sends Super Junior’s Leeteuk A Special Winter Season Gift

Yum, that looks delicious!

The story behind how Super Junior‘s Leeteuk became good friends with BTS J-Hope‘s family — especially J-Hope’s parents — is rather unexpected. It all began when Leeteuk ran into J-Hope’s dad at the neighborhood sauna.


Since the random encounter, Leeteuk and J-Hope’s family have stayed close in touch — or so it seems. In his latest Instagram update, Leeteuk showed off a very special (and spicy!) gift he received from J-Hope’s mom!


In a series of hashtags, Leeteuk explained that J-Hope’s family did their annual kimchi making recently (as kimchi is traditionally made in the winter and stored/consumed throughout the next year).

J-Hope’s family made kimchi, as it is now winter season. J-Hope’s mom shared some with me. I’m going to enjoy this so much. We see each other so often these days. She said I can share the picture with everyone. So I thought I’d post it to share how grateful I am. A huge thanks to J-Hope’s mom for making the season jolly with some neighbors-y love!

— Leeteuk


Both Super Junior and BTS fans are touched by this precious relationship. Looks like Leeteuk and J-Hope are so much more than industry sunbaehoobae. They’re great family friends now!

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