“My Liberation Notes” Fans Get The Happy Ending They Needed 2 Months Later With Son Suk Ku And Kim Ji Won’s New Pictorial

The “Worship Couple” is back!

Although it initially received low ratingsJTBC‘s K-Drama My Liberation Notes (also known as My Liberation Diary) became a fan favorite due to its relatable characters and storylines, showcasing some of modern life’s hardships and harsh realities, as well as its skilled cast and cinematography.

It starred Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, and Lee El as siblings, featuring Son Suk Ku (also known as Son Seok Koo) as Mr. Gu, a stranger pursuing freedom and liberation amidst their mundane lives.

Life takes a toll on three siblings who long to be freed from their mundane routines. But when a mysterious drunkard moves to their quiet village, their dreams of excitement and fulfillment no longer seem so far away.

Search for happiness in MY LIBERATION NOTES, starring Lee Min-ki (BEAUTY INSIDE), Kim Ji-won (LOVESTRUCK IN THE CITY), Son Suk-ku (D.P.), and EL (GUARDIAN: THE LONELY AND GREAT GOD).

— The Swoon

From left: Son Suk Ku, Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, and Lee El in “My Liberation Notes.” | JTBC & Netflix

Son Suk Ku and Kim Ji Won as Mr. Gu and Yeom Mi Jeong, respectively, were most viewers’ favorite couple due to their on-screen chemistry. They were even dubbed the “Worship Couple” by fans, referencing Mi Jeong’s iconic line.

Yet, despite the couple’s chemistry and tension, the romance did not progress as much as viewers hoped. In fact, they only had one kiss scene, and it came in Episode 11. Still, it was filmed in the dark and from a distance, so viewers hardly could see.

The behind-the-scenes footage did it better justice.


So, fans were at least thankful for that.

We were all relieved that the couple got back together in the end after an unexpected breakup, and we saw great character development from Mr. Gu.

Still, Episode 16 did not give the happy, conventional K-Drama ending that most have come to expect.

Now, we’re finally getting closure for the “Worship Couple” two months later.

Son Suk Ku and Kim Ji Won appear together in a pictorial for Marie Claire Korea‘s August 2022 issue, showcasing their existing chemistry.

The pictorial is predominately black-and-white, but the actors’ colors still shine.

It truly is like an extended ending for our “Worship Couple” as we see Son Suk Ku’s charming smile towards Kim Ji Won as she laughs.

There’s also even more “skinship” for those you wished there was more in My Liberation Notes!

The two lovingly hugged each other for a couple of photos.

Additionally, the actors commented on My Liberation Notes. Son Suk Ku thoughtfully reflected on the K-Drama’s story and its important message.

We all know we should ‘love ourselves’ but that isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s hard to trust ourselves, so we end up beating ourselves up and criticizing who we are. I think that’s the message the scriptwriter also wanted to point out throughout the series. I think it’s exactly what the people surviving in the city needed to hear.

— Son Suk Ku

Kim Ji Won spoke about her and Son Suk Ku’s characters’ relationship in My Liberation Notes. She revealed the traits that make them outstanding and what viewers can learn from them.

Only when you see a person for exactly who they are, do they feel comfortable being themselves. That also helps you to look deeper into yourself the same. I think Mi Jeong did that for Mr. Gu and helped him get back on track, back to her. Personally, I learned that it’s not words that change a person. It’s unchanging patience and sincerity toward that person which changes them.

— Kim Ji Won

My Liberation Notes fans couldn’t be happier to see the actors reunited!


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While we still wish we could see our “Worship Couple” back on screen, we will happily accept the crumbs, courtesy of Marie Clarie!

Source: Marie Claire