“The Glory” Actress Lim Ji Yeon Reports The Weather On JTBC’s “Newsroom” As A Special Treat For Fans

It’s Park Yeon Jin in real life!

In The Glory, actress Lim Ji Yeon‘s character is the weather newscaster, Park Yeon Jin. Her job was described by victim Moon Dong Eun as “moderately flashy,” with many in South Korea assuming newscasters mostly apply for the status and moderate exposure to fame.

The character Park Yeon Jin in The Glory. | Netflix

Despite this, it is actually a job that requires hard work, studying, and preparation. In an effort to treat fans to something special, Lim Ji Yeon surprised the public with a guest appearance on JTBC‘s Newsroom. She reported the weather for the day on March 26, 2023.

She even ended off with “this has been Park Yeon Jin.” Unfortunately, rather than a morning weather announcement, Lim Ji Yeon had reprised her character during an interview on Newsroom.

With her perfect announcer’s tone and clear diction, many praised her professional delivery of the weather. They were also in love with her visuals. It was just like The Glory come to life!

With over 2 million views on that short clip, she went viral immediately for the moment. Of course, who could resist reacting with the iconic “Amazing, Park Yeon Jin! Bravo!” meme?

Source: jtbc

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