“They Need To Be Shamed Globally” — Korean Netizens Furious About Limbus Company Controversially Firing A Designer Due To Feminist Accusations

“Just Korean men living up to their name…”

A Korean gaming company, Project Moon, recently came under fire for firing a game illustrator. The issue started when male fans of the game Limbus Company, took issue with the outfit on one of the characters. According to the male fans, the outfit was more conservative (a wetsuit) compared to the usual skimpy bikinis that characters sport in such games.

Following that, male fans began accusing the game of having feminist elements. After discovering that the designer in charge of the character in question was male, they targeted a female story illustrator instead. Finding a retweet on her personal social media supporting the protest against illegal filming, they accused her of feminism. This resulted in Project Moon firing her for breaching the rule about “not creating controversial opinions through personal social media.”

The matter has now spread globally. Korean netizens are highly encouraging of this, claiming that the controversy needs to spread far and wide so the company will take appropriate actions.

Korean netizens’ response to the matter gaining foreign coverage. | theqoo
  • I can’t sleep because this is so ridiculous.
  • Hope this spreads globally so that they go down! ^^
  • They’re an embarrassment to the country.
  • A company with no existential value.
  • This is Korea.
  • Spread far and wide globally.
  • Incels really be at war everyday f*ck LOL.
  • I hope foreigners find out that someone was fired over retweeting a Tweet against illegal filming! ^^

Online communities in South Korea have begun uploading translations of global takes on the matter.

Translation of English posts uploaded on Korean forums. | theqoo
Translation of English posts uploaded on Korean forums. | theqoo
Translation of English posts uploaded on Korean forums. | theqoo

Korean netizens are appropriately angered, agreeing with the global take on the matter.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • This is Korea!
  • I hope the actions of beta men spreads far and wide. Hope the stupid game also gets f*cked up.
  • I hope that through this chance, things spread far and wide, and they themselves learn that this is so not normal.
  • Loser f*ckers really are doing the mostest LOL.
  • Just Korean men living up to their name.
  • F*cking idiots who get canceled just by standing still.

Read more about the initial controversy below.

Korean Gaming Company Fires A Female Designer Due To Accusations Of Being A Feminist

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