Here’s The Inclusive Detail You Might’ve Missed In BLACKPINK Lisa’s “LALISA” Choreography

What a creative detail!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa wasn’t kidding when she told the world they needed “some L.A.L.I.S.A”.  Her solo debut, “LALISA”, has been out for less than a week, but the MV has accumulated more than 140 million views so far.

With all eyes on Lisa, it might be hard to imagine any details about this comeback might’ve been missed. Still, according to the song’s choreographer, there is one major choreography moment fans haven’t noticed.

After the YGX dancers reacted to Lisa’s MV premiere, choreographer Leejung Lee was encouraged to share her thoughts on the point choreography of the song. She admitted that the main point had been picked up on, “I see many people realize the hand sign is the point.”

She then demonstrated the “LALISA Love Me” choreography, where the hands are brought together to form an “L-A” and then separated to frame the face.

After showing this, she revealed that there was another hand sign she was quite proud of choreographing. Leading into the bridge of the song, Lisa spells out her name, telling her listeners, “You need some L.A.L.I.S.A”

Leejung shared, “I made all alphabets in hands in the choreo.” After demonstrating this, she said that she believes that this is also one of the points.

Her fellow YGX dancers couldn’t let her just mention the choreography and encouraged her to demonstrate it in full. She asked them to back her up by singing that part of the song, but adorably, her dancers proved not to be the most musically inclined.

On her second attempt, she made it very clear how she was inspired by ASL or American Sign Language in her styling for the “L” (the index finger and thumb in the shape of the letter) and the “I” (fist closed with pinky finger out). She then demonstrated that both hands make an “S” shape before moving into the final choreography.

While this may not be an obvious detail, it was obvious from Leejung’s enthusiasm that it is a dance moment she is proud of.

Have you noticed this before? Let us know, and to see YGX’s dancers share more about their experience on the “LALISA” set, check out the article below:

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