“Little Women” Actress Kim Go Eun Has A Favorite NewJeans Member, But She Has One Thing To Say About All Of Them

She’s right!

When ADOR girl group NewJeans made their debut a few months ago, they quickly took the music industry by storm. Their songs “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” “Cookie,” and “Hurt” were well-received by both K-Pop fans and the general public because of how catchy and memorable they are.

NewJeans | @newjeans_official/Instagram

Additionally, the girls themselves shocked netizens with how beautiful each of them are. Several members like Minji even went viral for their looks, with many claiming they are among the most gorgeous of the fourth generation!

Minji | @newjeans_official/Instagram

Among their many fans, it turns out Little Women actress Kim Go Eun is also one of them.

Kim Go Eun | @ggonekim/Instagram

The veteran star talked about them in a recent vlog when she was asked, “Who is your favorite NewJeans member?

Without any hesitation, she picked Minji. Grinning, she cheekily exclaimed, “Minji!

However, she wanted viewers to know that she likes all of them and is in awe with their visuals. “But all members are pretty,” she insisted.

And true to Kim Go Eun’s words, each member of NewJeans is so pretty, it’s almost unbelievable! See it for yourself in the article below.

Each Member Of NewJeans Looks Absolutely Flawless In Real Life—Here’s Proof

Source: YouTube


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