Lizzo Texts Her BTS Besties On The Regular — Here’s What She Had To Say About Them

This is so wholesome!

American singer-songwriter Lizzo befriended the BTS members at a Harry Styles concert in 2021 and their friendship has been sailing ever since. Even attending BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” concert, they’re certified besties!

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In a recent interview, Lizzo revealed that she still texts the boys. Specifically, she got J-Hope‘s number and calls him a “great texter, expressive.”

She revealed his thoughtful personality shows in his texts and he always makes sure to get back to her.

He does not leave me on ‘read.’ If it’s been awhile since we texted, He’s like, “I’m so sorry, ” like he apologizes for how long it’s taken.

— J-Hope

She shared that all of the BTS members have a positive energy about them and discuss topics of self-love, which draws her to them based on their similar goals.

Good people, like really good energy. I think that’s why I always gravitated towards BTS because they remind me of myself. Where it’s like, self-love and this positive energy and the way they love their fans, I feel the same way. And they genuinely just have a pure positive energy all the time.

— J-Hope

It’s no surprise that two kind-hearted and innovative artists would get along so well!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

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