Lizzy confesses she recently broke up with her boyfriend

Lizzy, member of After School and sub-unit Orange Caramel, shockingly revealed that she had been in a relationship, but unfortunately broke up recently.

Lizzy made an appearance as a new MC on the new season of the variety show 2015 Tasty Road, which aired its first episode on January 17th. Besides Lizzy, Park Soo Jin joins as the partnering MC, where the two visit different food venues in the show.

While the two were having steak and red wine, Park Soo Jin started the topic “I think it would be good if you came with a guy.” Lizzy then continued, “I broke up not long ago. It left very beautiful memories. But there are still many men in the world.

The female idol is still relatively young, who will turn 24 this year.

Meanwhile, Lizzy will make her solo trot debut soon with title track “I’m Not An Easy Girl“, releasing haunting teaser images for her upcoming activities.

Tasty Road airs every Saturday night on cable channel Olive TV at 12AM KST.

Lizzy on Tasty Road
Photo: sports donga

Source: sports donga