LOONA Joins BLACKPINK As The Only K-Pop Girl Groups To Chart A Radio Hit In America

This is an achievement worth celebrating!

LOONA‘s latest single, “Star,” made it to Billboard‘s Pop Airplay chart for the week of February 6! This marks LOONA as the second K-Pop girl group ever to feature on this chart.

| @loonatheworld/Twitter

The Pop Airplay chart tracks the most successful songs being played across a variety of top U.S. radio stations. LOONA came in at #40, putting them in the last spot, but simply making it to the chart is an incredible achievement on its own. The Pop Airplay chart is hard to break into for newer artists, as radio stations are apprehensive to play unfamiliar music out of fear that they might lose listeners.

| Billboard

LOONA are the sixth Korean act to make it to the chart but only the second K-Pop girl group. The other artists include PsyBTS and MONSTA X, as well as BTSSuga‘s solo project. The first K-Pop girl group to make it was BLACKPINK with their song “Ice Cream,” featuring Selena Gomez. “Ice Cream” made its way to the 32nd spot on the Pop Airplay chart during its first week of charting, the week of September 12, 2020, then peaked at #21.

| YG Entertainment

Hopefully “Star” will make its way up the chart in this coming week but regardless, it is something worth celebrating!

Source: Forbes


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