LOONA’s Agency Blockberry Creative Reportedly Facing Financial Difficulties And Have Been Unable To Pay Staff For Months

The company is in the red.

It has been recently reported by Korean media that Blockberry Creative, which houses LOONA, is currently facing financial difficulties. According to a representative member of the industry, the company currently has not been able to pay multiple external companies that have worked with them. Reportedly, unpaid fees are estimated to be a million to a hundred million KRW (between $100,000 USD to $1,000,000 USD),

Such external businesses have been unpaid by Blockberry Creative for many months, yet have continued working for the company. This includes hair, makeup and stylists for LOONA. Korean media confirmed that Blockberry Creative even went as far to unilaterally telling them to stop work recently. On the other hand, music production companies have found it hard to work with the company due to their inability to properly manage the company.

It was reported that Blockberry Creative has been facing financial difficulties for a few months. Internal staff has been going unpaid for months. With the company being unable to pay taxes, salaries, external businesses and more, the future of the company and its main artists, LOONA, is unclear.

Fans have been concerned about the muddy financial situation, despite LOONA’s Chuu facing huge success and love for her cute image.

Source: Sports World