LOONA Get Brutally Honest About Moving Out On Their Own — And Why They Chose To Stay In The Same Building

They got real about the pros and cons of living on their own.

The members of LOONA have all now officially moved out on their own…and into the same new building.

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In a recent appearance on Weekly Idol, the members got real about why they wanted to move out of their shared dorm, and why they chose to still stay in the same building together.

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Hosts Kwang Hee and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk joked that perhaps it was because they had bought the whole building…which LOONA had to hilariously deny.

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But then Eunhyuk asked if perhaps the company had deemed it too difficult to manage all twelve members spread out all over the place, and his guess hit the mark.

The members confirmed that Blockberry Creative decided that it would be easier to manage them if they were all in the same building…which Olivia Hye couldn’t help being hilariously honest about.

In fact, she couldn’t help being brutally honest about what it’s like living on her own either. While she thought of some great pros (such as being able to turn the lights on and off whenever she wants), Olivia Hye had to admit there just aren’t any cons to living alone.

Yet, there are members who miss having each other as roommates. Yeojin confessed that she often likes to invite herself to Go Won‘s apartment, while Go Won often lets herself into Yves‘.

When the hosts asked Yves if she enjoys having her members over, they ‘exposed’ her, hilariously pointing out that she’s always asleep when they come. Yves had to explain that, actually, she loves to invite the members and cook for them…except she then goes to sleep while they eat.

It’s clear that the members are all very comfortable with each other and that they are enjoying the pros of both having their own space and of living (somewhat) together. Fans know that the members are all unfailingly supportive of each other, and their honest takes on their new living arrangement show that they are all still like family.

You can see the full clip from Weekly Idol on the link below.