LOONA’s Chuu Makes Staff Tear Up With Her Sweet Words Of Appreciation

She and her production crew are so close 🥲

LOONA‘s Chuu has charmed audiences with her kind, bright personality on her YouTube series Chuu Can Do It. But the idol has also gotten close with her production crew!

Chuu from LOONA. | @loonatheworld/Twitter

In a behind-the-scenes video from her livestream where she celebrated the end of the show’s first season, Chuu took some time to thank the staff.

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

In true Chuu fashion, she started it off by suddenly calling for “yaja time,” or informal speaking time. The staff was surprised to hear Chuu speak informally!

“[Suddenly informal speaking time]” | Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 
| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

However, Chuu said that she has a hard time speaking informally because she’s the eldest daughter in her family.

“I guess it’s because I’m the eldest daughter…” | Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

Chuu then got serious and revealed her worries and fears when beginning the show.

What I really wanted to say to the staff is… I actually had concerns and worries. ‘I’m not a funny person. Why? Me?’ I had these kinds of worries.

— Chuu

“I’m not a funny person.” | Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

She thanked the crew for leading her through the series. Chuu even said that the members of LOONA told her she “grew up well” thanks to Chuu Can Do It!

Chuu from LOONA. | Chuu Can Do It/YouTube

Chuu also thanked them for wanting to continue the series with her even though she believes she isn’t skilled at being a host.

Actually, I can’t really talk well, I stutter, and I’m not good at memorizing lines, but season 1 has ended and they say they’d like to continue season 2 with me. Thank you so much!

— Chuu

“I’ll become a better Chuu.” | Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

Her kind words about feeling thankful and wanting to become both a better Chuu and Kim Ji Woo made everyone on set cry!

“Are you crying?” | Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

Chuu herself tried her best to hold back the tears too.

| Chuu Can Do It/YouTube 

Check out the full video below!

Source: Chuu Can Do It and Twitter