LOONA’s Gowon And Heejin Go Viral After Showing Their Love For Chuu During A Fancall

It comes after the idol was removed from the group.

On November 25, netizens were shocked when Blockberry Creative announced the removal of Chuu from LOONA after allegations of abusing the company’s staff members.

Chuu with fans during a fan meeting

Since the announcement, staff and brands have come to the idol’s defense, sharing their own stories with the idol that “disprove” the allegations.

Yet, the members have also been seemingly showing their love and support for Chuu in every way possible.

When it comes to Chuu, one of the most iconic things related to the idol is her iconic “Chuu Heart.” In 2018, Chuu gained attention after creating a new kind of heart. Chuu started with a circle made by her hands, and she then bit into it, transforming the circle into a heart.

Chuu doing her iconic “Chuu heart”

In a video, Chuu even revealed how the iconic heart was created, and it has become loved by idols everywhere.

| AYO/YouTube 

Despite everything going on, the LOONA members have still been doing various schedules and communicating with fans.

In particular, members Gowon and Heejin gained attention for their small gestures in a fan call.

LOONA’s Gowon and Heejin | @loonatheworld/Twitter

Clips posted on social media show both idols doing the iconic “Chuu heart.”


Although it could’ve been a request, with everything going on, it could’ve been easy to avoid doing it, or the staff could’ve stopped them. Instead, both idols did it with sincerity, and netizens shared their emotions after seeing the members do the Chuu heart.

Yet, it isn’t the first time a member gained attention for their actions following the news. After the announcement, Hyunjin shared her own thoughts in a series of messages to fans.

22:07 Chuu unnie is probably the most broken-hearted out of all of us right now. Please keep sending Chuu a lot of love and support…

— Hyunjin

On November 28, there were reports that nine members of LOONA had filed an injunction to suspend their contract with Blockberry Creative, and Chuu had reportedly signed with a new label.

It followed a newly released statement from the group’s label in which they deflected fans’ requests for them to provide evidence of the alleged abuse at the hands of Chuu.

You can read more about the members’ reactions below.

LOONA Hyunjin’s Honest Reaction To Chuu’s Removal Worries Fans

Source: @chuusleg/TikTok