LOONA’s Hyunjin And Vivi Reportedly Win Lawsuit Against Blockberry Creative

They filed to terminate their contracts against the agency.

LOONA‘s ViVi and Hyunjin will reportedly be given a chance to leave Blockberry Creative. On May 9, 2023, according to a legal insider, the two recently filed for termination of their exclusive contracts with the agency and received a partially cited judgment in the first trial. A cited judgment refers to one that accepts all or part of the plaintiff’s claim because there is reason.

According to this insider report, winning their lawsuit against the agency will allow them to terminate the contract and leave Blockberry Creative if they wish. Blockberry Creative has not yet spoken up on the matter.

Before this, Chu was the first member of LOONA to file a lawsuit against Blockberry Creative. She has since signed with a new agency, ATRP, and continues her solo activities. Kim Lip, Heejin, JinSoul, and Choerry have all already left Blockberry Creative after receiving judgments in their favor.

Source: ET News
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