LOONA’s First Lightstick Reveal Is Huge… Literally—It Could Be The Longest In K-Pop

Name a bigger lightstick… we’ll wait.

Almost two years after LOONA’s debut as OT12 (and almost four years since Heejin began their pre-debut project), the group is finally getting its first lightstick! And the reveal isn’t just a huge deal for Orbits—it’s also huge literally.

LOONA’s team took to social media on June 16 to tease the lightstick design with a slick line-art illustration.

Fans weren’t sure if the real thing would live up to the beauty of the preview, but the final reveal definitely has everyone in awe.

The lightstick seems to be called the ‘Orbit Crown’ which is definitely fitting for its design. The golden crown surrounds a clear crystal gem, and the whole thing is topped with a cute crescent moon.

There are a whopping 15 light modes available—white, flickering white, dimming white, and a light in each of the members’ official colors. But as gorgeous as the design and features are, the really impressive thing about this lightstick is its length.

Have you ever seen a lightstick this long? According to the specifications on LOONA’s fan café, the Orbit Crown is a staggering 43.5 cm long, or 1 foot and 5 inches! The verdict is still out, but many fans are speculating that it could be the longest official lightstick in K-Pop history.

At 17 inches, LOONA’s lightstick is just a little longer than the average 15-inch bowling pin. However, even Golden Child‘s bowling pin-shaped lightstick wasn’t created to scale, standing at only 10.5 inches tall.

Finding it hard to picture? A helpful Korean fan took a photo to help you image the sheer scale of this thing in comparison to the average hand.

It seems like the lightstick may have been designed to look like a royal scepter, which would explain the length. Given how long it is, it will likely be packaged disassembled, so Orbits will have a little DIY to do. BlockBerry Creative say accessories will be announced in the future, so fans may be able to look forward to an official pouch, case, or holder.

If you want to get your hands on this beauty, keep an eye out for the pre-order link available from July 1 to July 10. Fans who are part of the official Orbit 2.0 fan club will be able to preorder from June 29 to June 30. The lightstick costs ₩38,000 KRW (around $30 USD, not including international delivery) and should ship to Orbits from August 2020.