“Love Catcher In Bali” Contestants Gain Attention For Their Resemblances To Han So Hee, Song Hye Kyo And Lee Hyori

Do you see it?

Love Catcher In Bali has just started, but it’s already been gaining attention. The female contestant lineup has created a buzz for their beauty! Not only are they all gorgeous, but quite a few of them resemble a celebrity.

Choi Tae Eun, the oldest unnie on the show, has won hearts with her eyesmile. Fans of the show have compared her looks to that of veteran singer, Lee Hyori.

Choi Tae Eun. | TVING

With her tan skin and natural beauty, it’s no wonder that she has been called Lee Hyori’s lookalike.

Choi Tae Eun. | TVING

Here is Lee Hyori for comparison.

Another contestant, Yoo Jung, has been called a lookalike of both Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee! With her exotic features, it’s not hard to see why.

Yoo Jung. | TVING

Her doll-like looks have made her very popular.

Yoo Jung. | TVING

Her nose and face shape especially remind audiences of Han So Hee.

Han So Hee. | Netflix

Last but not least, Kim Hyo Jin has been called a dead ringer for Song Hye Kyo. Especially with her shoulder-length hair, she reminds the audience of an actress.

Hyo Jin. | TVING

Her pale skin is also similar to that of Song Hye Kyo’s.

Hyo Jin. | TVING

She has also been compared lightly to Shin Ye Eun in terms of vibe.

Song Hye Kyo. | Descendants of the Sun

With such beauties on the show, it’s definitely a feast for your eyes!

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