“Love Catcher In Bali” Hwang Su Ji Clarifies Her Comment About Looking Like IVE’s Jang Wonyoung

She received a lot of hate for the comment.

Love Catcher In Bali contestant Hwang Su Ji made headlines when she introduced herself during the show’s first episode as a lookalike to IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung.

During the introductory clip, she claimed to have heard people say that she looks similar to Jang Wonyoung in terms of looks and vibe. But the short sentence put her at the receiving end of much hate. Netizens and fans felt that she did not look similar to the star and that Su Ji acted unnaturally to look more like her.

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  • “When Su Ji laughs like ‘em hehe‘ why does it look like how Kim Garam laughed in that teaser video when she said her favorite word is ‘kkomjirak‘?”
  • “Even the MC was like ‘oh…! Yeah…! She feels like Jang… Wonyoung?‘ LOL”
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  • “The moment you say it yourself, it’s not your charm anymore.”
  • “No, but the way she laughs, LOL It’s so annoying how she’s forcing her lip corners.”

The hate led to her clarifying the moment during a Q&A session on Instagram. Someone had sent in, “You really don’t look like Jang Wonyoung but I think you’d look prettier if you smiled a little more naturally.

Su Ji seemed hurt about the moment as she explained that the writers had practically forced her to say it.

I… think this is a little unfair. I’ve never once thought I looked like Jang Wonyoung at all. During the interview, the director and the writers asked if there were any celebrities that I hear I look like, and I said there was really none, but they really really pressed for me to name [her] so that’s why I said it. I didn’t know that it would come out like that on air. And my limbs tremble when I’m in front of the camera and I freeze up so my actions and expressions are also not the same… I didn’t get used to it as time passed. I must be stiff.

— Su Ji

We all know that evil editing is the root of all pain during shows, but this one might just take the cake.


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