“Love Catcher In Bali” Contestant Choi Tae Eun Reveals Her Connection With SM Entertainment

She was spotted with an SM Rookie.

Love Catcher in Bali is one of the hottest Korean dating reality shows. The contestants can choose their identity between Money or Love. If a Money ends up in a final pair with a Love, they will walk away with tens of thousands in prize money. But, they cannot get into a relationship post-show with their partner. If both are Money, neither gets the prize money.

One of the contestants, Choi Tae Eun, once gained attention for her past as a girl group member. She was a part of the girl group High Color, and even appeared on MIX NINE.

Choi Tae Eun on MIX NINE. | Mnet

Fans belatedly found out about her connection to the huge entertainment company SM Entertainment a month after the show ended. Tae Eun uploaded a photo with famed SM Rookies former trainee, Ko Eun.

| @c.taeeun/Instagram

As soon as she uploaded the photo, fans began to ask how she knew Ko Eun.

  • Fan: “Gasp… How do you two know each other..??!! Both Eun-ie unnie and Tae Eun unnie were my favs…”
  • Tae Eun: “Back in the day! I was a trainee at SM Entertainment, and that’s how I know her.”

While the fact that she was a trainee is not surprising, the fact that she trained at SM Entertainment along with the SM Rookies is! Tae Eun and Ko Eun both now lead lives as non-celebrities.

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