“Love Catcher In Bali” Contestant Choi Tae Eun Was Once A Girl Group Member

She even appeared on “MIXNINE”.

Love Catcher in Bali is one of the hottest Korean dating reality shows. The contestants can choose their identity between Money or Love. If a Money ends up in a final pair with a Love, they will walk away with tens of thousands in prize money. But, they cannot get into a relationship post-show with their partner. If both are Money, neither gets the prize money.

Choi Tae Eun is the oldest member on the show. 30 years old internationally, she is currently working at a marketing company. Her beauty has been compared to singer Lee Hyo Ri.

But did you know that she was once a girl group member? She debuted in High Color, alongside Produce 101‘s Heo Chanmi.

Using the stage name Suha, she was the main vocalist in the group.

After the group disbanded, all the members returned back to a “trainee” status. They participated in MIX NINE, a survival debut show by YG Entertainment. Here, she used her real name, Choi Su Jeong.

She impressed the judges and went on to the actual show round.

Showing off her mature and sexy charms, she wowed the crowd. Unfortunately, she did not make it to the final group.

Here’s her singing her heart out on the show.

She later dabbled in acting, taking a minor role in Graceful Friends.

That was the last the public saw of her for two years as she disappeared from the industry. That is, until Love Catcher in Bali! We can’t wait to see if she will continue down the corporate path or veer back into entertainment.

Source: Naver
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