Lovelyz’s Agency Swapped out Ryu Sujeong’s Album Cover 2 Times Just to Please Fans

Fans were not happy, so the agency made the necessary changes.

Lovelyz‘s Ryu Sujeong recently came out with a solo album, but her cover photo is gaining much attention for an unexpected reason.

6 years after her debut, Ryu Sujeong came out with her first album titled, “Tiger Eyes.”

She even raised the anticipation of her fans by taking an active role in the music, concept, and designs for her new album.

But the problem was the album cover that they released just before the album’s official release.


Fans claimed that compared to her fellow member, Kei’s album cover, the quality of hers suffered greatly.

For that reason, the fans took action and raised the issue to Lovelyz’s agency, Woollim Entertainment.

And surprisingly, the agency received the feedback and responded with a new cover photo showing off a cleaner design.

But Lovelyz’s fans were still not satisfied, and even more surprisingly, Woollim Entertainment took another go at it.


In the end, Woollim Entertainment offered a quality cover with Ryu Sujeong’s photo in it, which satisfied fans and ultimately led to a happy ending.

The incident is gaining overwhelming attention for how Woollim Entertainment took a proactive approach to satisfy fans.

Ryu Sujeong debuted back in 2014 with Lovelyz and is currently receiving a lot of love and support for her unique tone and impressive singing ability.


Check out her new solo song, “Tiger Eyes” below:

Source: Dispatch


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