Lovelyz’s Baby Soul Surprises With An Appearance On “Show Me The Money”

Did you know that she could rap?

Lovelyz‘s was originally a girl group that was debuted by Woollim Entertainment. They had a few successful singles such as “Candy Jelly Love” and “Destiny”, but failed to hit it big.

They even went on Queendom 2 in hopes of getting a second wind. Things did not pan out and 7 out of 8 members left the company in November 2021. The members branched out with some moving into acting and others remaining in the music industry.

Baby Soul, now also known as Lee Sujeong, who was the only one who remained with Woollim Entertainment, was quiet for some time. Fans spotted her busking earlier in 2022.

She shocked fans recently with a surprise appearance on rap survival show, Show Me The Money 11. She appeared in the teaser for the first episode, delivering a short but impactful line.

Even though she was not named yet and was dressed down with a cap, fans definitely recognized the star.

Check out her quick clip in the teaser below.

Baby Soul has shown off her rap skills prior. She even rapped in her own debut song, “She’s A Flirt”.

A rapper and main vocal? What an all-rounder. We can’t wait to see how far she will go!


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