Lovelyz Fan Got Sick And Tired Of Members Being Sexually Harassed, So He Created This Ingenious App

He plans on sharing it with other fandoms too to protect all idols.

Lovelyz member have recently been attacked multiple times by alleged fans who sexually harassed them by calling out vulgar demands during fan meetings and malicious comments on live broadcasts.


Well, their fans have had enough! A fan decided to invent an app that can catch the username, IP address, and contact information of the malicious netizens.

The inventor decided to name the file “A-Choo (아추)”, which is short for “IP Tracker (아이피 추적)”. It’s also the title of Lovelyz’s song “Ah-Choo”

What the program looks like on PC.


It can be used on live broadcasts, where the app filters through the comments after the broadcast ends. The user can also search the comments by username and keywords used in the comment.

Sample results of comments found on broadcast chat.


Not only is it for broadcasts, it can filter through the comments left behind on website posts. Once you search for specific usernames and keywords, it goes through the list of comments to bring up a data sheet.

Sample Excel file with the comment track results.


The data sheet is then neatly formatted into an excel file, which can directly be sent to the agency for lawsuits.

Sample Excel file with the comment track results.


The fan who created this app is currently working out the minor bugs and details after giving the app a run through with Lovelyz’s broadcasts and comments.

Although much of it has been a success, they will release it to other fandoms once they’ve perfected the app. They hope that they app will put a stop to all malicious comments towards all and any idols, celebrities, and people.


The devotion and hard work of Lovelyz’s fans just prove that the bond between idols and fans is unbreakable!


Watch out, haters. Lovelinus is coming for you!

Source: Idol Issue and Nate Pann