Lovelyz’s Yein Cursed At Viewers Leaving Sexually Vulgar Comments During Live Broadcast

They had to issue an official apology.

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo recently held a live broadcast to talk with her fans when she noticed malicious viewers leaving sexually vulgar comments.

“I see some comments but I don’t dare read it out loud.”

— Mijoo


Malicious commenters sexually harassed Mijoo, asking her to show them her feet.


This isn’t the first time Mijoo was sexually harassed by so called “fans”. She’s continually received vulgar comments during other live broadcasts. Other members were also sexually harassed even during a fan meeting. Fans began yelling at the members to “lift up [their] legs” while wearing short dresses.


During Mijoo’s live video, Yein was reading the comments in the back. When she read the malicious comments, she couldn’t help but curse at the vulgar viewers. She tried to whisper her frustration but was caught on camera.

“This b*stard, why is he b*tching on here too!”

— Yein


When netizens began criticizing Yein for cursing during a live broadcast, Woollim relayed the members’ official apology through a statement.

“We apologize that it took some time to check out the truth. Lovelyz and their staff are currently finishing their last schedule for their Japanese promotions.

As the members were having a private conversation, the situation arose from their carelessness. They are sorry to cause their fans to worry and will be more careful in the future.”

— Woollim Entertainment


Reading their apology, many netizens sided with the members saying that it was justified to curse at sexual harassers. They believe Yein didn’t have to apologize as it was the malicious so-called-fans that were in the wrong.

Source: Nate Pann and News1