Lovelyz’s Jin Spills The Beans On How Idols Meet And Begin Dating

She gave us the tea.

Lovelyz‘s Jin recently opened her YouTube channel. In commemoration, she took questions for a Q&A via her Instagram. The topic was “idol life.” While she answered questions about herself, she could not avoid the popular questions regarding idols and their dating life.

She honestly answered that despite their busy schedules, those who wanted to date very easily did so.

Common meeting spots she pointed out were also places such as music shows and more.

Everyone… No matter how busy and tough they have it, those idols who want to date will do so secretly. After they’ve debuted for some time and they become seasoned in the industry, as long as their dating doesn’t cause a huge ruckus, I think agencies don’t really enforce control that much. They just say things along the lines of “don’t get caught.” But as for trainees, as you’re in the midst of preparing to debut, I’ve seen people get cut [because of it]. Interaction with other idols is more common than you think at music shows. First of all, during the first week of promotions, as you absolutely must go around giving your CDs to other singers, there are some who fall for each other then. Or, there’s a time when all the singers go to greet the PD after the show, and during that time, the idols all face each other in a long corridor. They could fall for each other then too. Or, as the idol industry is really small, most people know each other through someone at least. I think it’s more common where one person likes another and asks their mutual for an introduction. And of course, there’s the one place that can’t be left out. I think you guys all know this one. [ISAC]. I don’t have to say it but it’s already famous as a meeting spot for idols. That’s right. It’s a place where idols can meet. They exchange glances or notes with their numbers on it.

— Jin

She ended her answer here, despite the growing curiosity from viewers. Although some parts of her answer are already well-known, the video still satiated fans who were dying to know secrets about the idol world.

Source: Naver Blog and theqoo