Lovelyz’s Mijoo Clarifies The Story Behind A Certain “Sorrowful” Picture Of Hers

She explained the photo to her fans!

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo is born comedian, so when a “sorrowful” picture of her made the rounds of the internet, she stepped up and clarified the story behind it!

Mijoo | @queen.chu_s/Instagram

Mijoo recently shot a pictorial with 1st Look magazine, and also sat down for an interview for their Youtube channel!

The interview was centered around fans sending in photos of classic “Mijoo” moments and Mijoo providing context, and for the first picture, the staff chose a photo of hers where she “looked sad”.

Earlier this year, all the members of Lovelyz (except for Baby Soul) left Woollim Entertainment, and Mijoo recently signed with Antenna Music, home to veteran comedian Yoo Jae Suk.

| Antenna Music

After officially signing with the agency, Mijoo took some profile photos with them, and this photo was one of her official portraits!

| Antenna Music

She shared that as a new member of the agency where she was making a fresh start, she wanted to show new sides of her to fans-ones they’ve never seen before!

I want to show more sides of me now that I’ve moved to Antenna [Music]. One of the sides that was released for the first time is this ‘sorrowful’ picture.


She then explained how this “sad” expression was pretty much what was expected during most photoshoots, and she had to empty her mind and stare intensely at the camera for the money shot!

When you’re taking these shots, you can’t think about anything. When you’re doing an editorial, taking pictures—any kind of pictures—you have to stare blankly at the camera and draw your jaw. But you need to have your tongue against the top of your mouth. This is how you get this look…


Mijoo coming through with those photoshoot tips!

You can watch her talk about it here!