Lovelyz’s Mijoo Is Famous For Her Cheerful And Quirky Persona — But She Actually Gets Depressed All The Time

Here’s how Mijoo tries to overcome her lows.

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo is known for her bright and cheerful personality as well as her quirky side that brings joy to variety shows.

But when one fan asked Mijoo how one can live with such a bright and cheerful vibe, Mijoo made a confession no one was expecting.

Mijoo shared that she actually gets depressed quite often.

And for that reason, she tried to change her mindset.

According to Mijoo, it helps to focus on the happiness of the present

I’m really happy right now just because I’m doing this interview.

— Mijoo

Her secret is to pursue the small joys in life instead of big ones.

If you go after big happiness, it doesn’t come. So I focus on small joys in life. Then you end up becoming thankful for everything.

— Mijoo

In addition, Mijoo stressed the importance of self-confidence and how she keeps her self-esteem high.

If you love yourself, you can’t help but have more confidence.

— Mijoo

Spoken like a true queen.


Check out Mijoo’s full interview below:

Source: Insight


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