Lovelyz’s Mijoo Boldly Asks Rapper Hanhae To Contact Her, And We’re Living For Her Confident Energy

All hail the queen!

Lovely‘s Mijoo has always been known for her bold antics. While some may call it a concept, she’s never afraid to show her interest in the opposite party! Just take a look at her on Sixth Sense, where she actively jokes around with the male guests. She even had a total K-Drama worthy moment with rapper Gray.

Gray had appeared on the show and confessed that he liked girly girls. She immediately appealed to him with her adorable hair ribbon and pleated skirt ‘fit. Later on, she was over the moon when he chose her as the member of Sixth Sense he liked the most. Check out a compilation of their moments below.

On a recent episode of Who am I, Mijoo guested with yet another rapper, Hanhae. Hanhae had expressed his disappointment in his own flaws. He is someone that is clumsy and does not pay attention to the details, despite recent efforts. The MC then chimed in that he should meet a girlfriend that is detailed.

Mijoo of course, immediately made the studio laugh as she volunteered herself! Mijoo advertised herself as detailed and careful, a great match for him!

Mijoo even asked him to contact her if he would.

I’m on the more detailed side but it’s not to the point where it’ll be a pain, so if you feel like it, contact me.

— Mijoo

Mijoo has even mentioned prior that she was lonely of late, during an episode of Sixth Sense. While this could just be her concept on variety shows, it’s no doubt that she got both the viewers and other guests’ hearts fluttering!


Source: Insite