Lovelyz’ Mijoo Surprises Han Hyun Min With Her Runway-Ready Modeling Skills And Hilarious Personality

The whole episode was as chaotic as you’d expect!

Lovelyz‘ Mijoo has charmed audiences with her bright personality and effortless humor. She went viral in 2018 for her hilarious model poses outside of music shows, so it only made sense to have her attempt modeling on her show, LEARN WAY.

Mijoo from Lovelyz. | @queen.chu_s/Instagram

The staff recruited Han Hyun Min to teach her about professional modeling. Hyun Min has been modeling since he was 15, but even his years of experience couldn’t prepare him for the hilarity that is Mijoo!

Han Hyun Min is a South Korean model. | @h_h_m0519/Instagram

Even before Hyun Min appeared, Mijoo made the staff crack up when she asked where her red carpet was. She even got on the producer’s back when it was time to go down the stairs!

Mijoo jokingly asked where her red carpet is upon arriving to the location. | 1theK Originals/YouTube 
| 1theK Originals/YouTube  

Mijoo screamed in joy when Hyun Min entered, and in her self-introduction mentioned that she’s single, to which Hyun Min said, “Never asked.

Mijoo screaming when Han Hyun Min (left) arrived. | 1theK Originals/YouTube  

Hyun Min had Mijoo pretend to walk the runway so he could evaluate her skills. Even though her poses are “too much,” which Mijoo also admitted, both Hyun Min and the staff were shocked at how good she was!

| 1theK Originals/YouTube  

Though Hyun Min was teaching Mijoo how to improve her posture, the tables turned when the director asked them to try walking with books on their heads. Hyun Min couldn’t do it, but Mijoo did it flawlessly!

| 1theK Originals/YouTube  

When it was time to walk the pretend runway, Hyun Min impressed Mijoo and the staff with his charisma.

| 1theK Originals/YouTube  

Mijoo started off strong, but then pulled out her poses and made everyone crack up!

| 1theK Originals/YouTube  

She couldn’t hold back when the staff played Brave Girls’ “Rollin’,” and danced along to their choreography.

| 1theK Originals/YouTube  

Hyun Min and Mijoo then had to take couple shots. Mijoo suggested Hyun Min sit down and she’ll sit on top, shocking Hyun Min. But they were even more surprised when the pose turned out to be great!

| 1theK Originals/YouTube  

Even though Mijoo joked around during the episode, she showed off her improved modeling skills in the last segment where she and Hyun Min walked their makeshift runway. So much talent in one room!

| 1theK Originals/YouTube  

Check out the full episode below!

Source: 1theK Originals, Instagram and Instagram