Lovelyz’s Seo Jisoo Slaps Back At A Sexual Comment About Her Latest Bikini Pictures

Her fans are praising the way she reacted.

On July 12, 2020 KST, Lovelyz‘s Seo Jisoo updated her Instagram with a series of sexy, summer-themed pictures — blessing the fans with pictures of herself splashing poolside in a red bikini!

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물놀이 죠아🥰❤

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I like being in the water!

— Seo Jisoo

Later revealed to be on a trip with her family to a popular getaway destination of Gapyeong County in Gyeonggi Province of Korea…

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… Jisoo seemed to be having the time of her life…

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… relieving stress and recharging good energy.

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Unfortunately, some haters showed up to the party and ruined the fun. One in particular assumed that Seo Jisoo is “having steamy time with her boyfriend” and posted the sexually harassing comment on an online forum. When Seo Jisoo came across the post though, she didn’t let it slide. She clapped back in an Instagram story capturing the hateful comment…

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Post: [No one works out to wear a bikini on a trip with family, lol] Man, it must have been steamy. I bet her boyfriend loved it.
Seo Jisoo: Looks like I’ll see you soon [in court].

… suggesting that she will take legal action against the commenter. She also shared a picture showing both her and her younger sister posing together, “proving” that she was, indeed, with her family.

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I know haters will keep making up stories even when I share this picture. But anyway, I really do hope to see you soon.

— Seo Jisoo

Considering that in her past interviews and live broadcasts, Seo Jisoo has repeatedly made it clear that she takes her haters to court…

Seo Jisoo crying in a previous live broadcast while talking about haters

I know how to make PDF files of hate comments now… I also use the IP tracking tool that [fans] made for me… We can hunt [the commenters] down together! I’ve been through so much…

— Seo Jisoo

… fans believe she definitely meant what she said in the since-deleted Instagram stories. They are infinitely proud of Seo Jisoo, who endured a long history of harassment from malicious rumor-spreaders, for standing up for herself and letting no comment drag her down.

As for the rest of Lovelyz members? They are no softies either. Check out how Jin also leaves no room for hate on her Instagram:

Lovelyz’s Jin Claps Back At Haters On Instagram Like A Boss And Fans Are Loving It

Source: THEQOO and Nate Pann