WayV Lucas’ Upcoming Schedules Have Been Canceled In Light Of His Recent Controversy

He had been about to promote his new unit single.

In light of WayV Lucas‘ recent scandals, his upcoming schedules have been canceled. He fell into controversy with three alleged victims stepping up to accuse him of reportedly cheating on them.

According to an investigation by SpoTV News on August 25, 2021, Lucas had been planned for a music broadcast schedule on M! Countdown on August 26, 2021. However, the music show appearance had been cancelled.

Lucas, alongside his bandmate, Hendery, dropped their unit single, “Jalapeño”, on August 25, 2021. They had planned their first live performance to be revealed through M! Countdown, but due to the sudden controversy, the schedule was canceled.

The pre-release live stream that had been planned to air through V LIVE right before the drop had also been canceled.

Lucas had been embroiled in a series of gaslighting and cheating accusations from fans that had claimed to have dated him. Read more about them below.

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Source: SpoTV
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