An ARMY’s Lucky Encounter With BTS’s V In Mexico Reveals His True Personality

The fan waited for a long time to share this story.

A few days ago, media reports confirmed that BTS‘s V will be joining his friends Choi Woo Shik and Park Seo Joon in the spin-off of a hit reality show Youn’s Kitchen. Produced by Na Young Suk, aka Na PD, the show, titled Seo Jin’s, will reportedly see stars operate a Korean restaurant overseas. While many locals spotted V along with his friends shooting in Mexico last week, one ARMY was lucky enough to share the same hotel with the star and witness him up close!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

The ARMY, who goes by the Twitter handle @TaeKookLuna_13, posted a series of tweets recently outlining her experience of meeting V in Mexico. OP (original poster) lives in Mérida, Mexico, but during the time V was at Bacalar, they also happened to be there for a family celebration. V’s hotel was not taking in any guests, probably to protect the privacy of their VIP guests, but since this ARMY’s family had a reservation from a really long time ago, they were let in.

@TaeKookLuna_13 described V as very tall and beautiful in real life. They also saw Park Seojoon at the hotel. Though they said that they won’t reveal the entire details of the encounter, there was a small encounter that couldn’t be left out. When OP’s little cousin fell over in the lobby and started crying, V came over and pat her head, soothing her saying, “Baby no crying.

This story has left ARMYs on Twitter heartbroken with endearment.

V has always been very expressive of his fondness towards children, so this incident doesn’t come as a surprise. The fact that he is so gentle with kids even when there are no cameras around only proves what a genuine softie he is!


True Personalities

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