A Lucky MOA’s Encounter With TXT’s Soobin At The Movies Revealed His True Personality

He even remembered the fan from a previous interaction!

Recently, a MOA shared their experience of running into TXT‘s Soobin at a movie theater, and his behavior toward the fan was nothing short of a surprise.


The OP (original poster) was at the movies to watch Avatar: The Way of the Water when they noticed that Soobin was sitting right behind them! The TXT member was worried that the person sitting behind him wouldn’t be able to see the screen because of his tall frame, so he was slouching as much as possible to be considerate.

How low Soobin was slouching during the film, according to OP | @Ye_onjunida/Twitter

OP waited for the film to end before approaching him and asking for his autograph. Soobin took them to a corner to avoid attracting more eyes and gave them his signature. But apparently, he felt sorry about signing on the fan’s clothes. He also made some small talk with OP, discussing how fun the movie was!

Soobin signed OP’s shirt and a doll | @Ye_onjunida/Twitter

Now, this much interaction would have been enough serotonin for any fan to pass out with ecstasy, but this MOA was extra lucky. Turns out, Soobin seemed to remember them from a previous interaction. They had attended an Inkigayo recording on December 4 and asked Yeonjun, who is the MC of the show, to wish Soobin a happy birthday on their behalf. Yeonjun took a picture of OP and showed it to Soobin later, from where he remembered their face. Soobin offered to shake OP’s hands when they were taken aback by the size of his palm!

According to OP, Soobin went to the movies wearing this beanie | @TXT_members/Twitter

MOAs are inevitably distraught by this interaction. Not only Soobin’s kindness is painfully endearing but to think that a MOA out there got to interact so freely with him has other fans yelling out, “That should be me.

OP probably saved a nation in their past life to be both in Yeonjun’s phone gallery and Soobin’s memory.

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