Lyricist Kim Eana Is So Obsessed With BTS That She Came Up With A New Way Of Watching Their Videos

She has been acknowledged as a true fan by fellow ARMYs.

It was previously revealed that famous lyricist, Kim Eana is a fan of BTS who acknowledged them for their meaningful lyrics.

But in a recent series of posts, Kim Eana proved to be an ARMY by revealing what she does to keep herself from getting too obsessed.

On her Instagram story, Kim Eana showed a screenshot of the BTS video she was watching along with an explanation of what she decided to do while watching their videos so that she doesn’t lose control as a fan.

It’s probably impossible to stan them even more than I am now, but it’s getting dangerous how often I watch their videos. So I’ve decided to only watch their videos in small size.

— Kim Eana

She also didn’t forget to mention that she even bought the same polka dot Jin was wearing.

I copied Jin and bought that polka dot shirt.

— Kim Eana

And as if her screen size while watching BTS videos wasn’t small enough already, she makes it even smaller for close-ups.

I make the close-ups even smaller when I watch them.

— Kim Eana

Her revelation has fellow ARMYs acknowledging her status as a true fan.

  • Kim Eana knows how to stan properly.
  • This is the tip of someone who knows a thing or two.
  • She understands true ARMYs.
  • I didn’t know she was an actual ARMY.
  • How is she so cute?

She wasn’t kidding when she said she was a BTS fan.

Kim Eana now has ARMYs’ seal of approval.

Source: The Qoo


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