Here’s What Madonna Told BTS When They Were Nervous About The BBMAs

She knew how that felt for the members.

In the latest episode of BTS Episode featuring BTS at the Billboard Music Awards 2019, the members were spotted mingling with all the American stars who also attended the ceremony.


Of all the stars they met, BTS were especially honored and thrilled to meet Madonna, who wholeheartedly welcomed them into her waiting room and greeted them in Korean!

RM: So honored to meet you.
Madonna: So honored to meet you too!


When she asked how the members are feeling, RM mentioned he was nervous before going on stage to perform.


Madonna agreed – and pointed out that she was nervous about the stage too, even though she has been in the industry for decades. And as someone who has been working in the show business a lot longer than BTS have, Madonna tried to relax the members by sharing wise words of a “sunbae-nim”.

Madonna: Do you get nervous when you perform?
RM: Of course.
Madonna: Yeah. It never ends.
RM: It never ends.


So it seems, even for the legendary performers, the stage will always be nerve racking. RM seems to have found comfort in the words of Madonna…


And they moved on to cha cha dancing together to cool off some of that anxiety!


Watch the full clip here: