Magazine Clarifies That F(x)’s Krystal Never Said That She Isn’t Interested In Promoting With F(x)

Previously fans thought that Krystal never wanted to dance or sing again

Recently Urbanlike Magazine’s interview with F(x)’s Krystal has raised concerns with fans, due to her response being interpreted as her no longer wishing to sing or dance.

When asked about becoming a soloist and about the image she wanted to portray, Krystal answered that she really wanted to make her first impression stand out.

I have many things that I like so I’m not sure what I should do. I don’t really want to do dancing or singing for now. I already did it many times with F(x).

But regarding whether I want to do solo one day or not, I want to do it. The first time is important. The first impression is the biggest worry for solo debut


This section had many fans worried about the future of F(x)’s group promotions, with some assuming that Krystal is no longer interested in being an idol.

Given that F(x) has reached their 10th year anniversary with almost three years of limited activity as a group, fans had felt that this was another concerning factor in the group’s future.

To address these concerns, Urbanlike Magazine released an apology for the unintentional misunderstandings that resulted from the interview.

The magazine editor, Lee Beom clarified that when Krystal mentioned that she doesn’t really want to do dancing or singing for now, she was referring to her solo debut, not to her group promotions.

Krystal meant that if she were to make her solo debut, she would want to show off a different image to F(x) which was centred heavily on the choreography and vocal abilities of the members.

The Magazine released a full apology for raising concerns from F(x) fans.

Hello. This is Urbanlike Magazine’s editor, Lee Beom.

I’m sorry for replying late. The part that has become a problem was unintentionally left out during the editing process so it seems to have caused misunderstanding.

Krystal didn’t say that he doesn’t want to do activities with F(x) anymore, but as a soloist who stands in front of the public, she said she wants to show a new image because she has already done a lot of dancing and singing during her F(x) . days.

I feel really bad because this part has unintentionally caused contextual misunderstanding.

Thank you for giving us your opinion.


Although Krystal has been focusing on her solo acting career for the past several years, she has still shown that she is close with her fellow F(x) members.

Over this past year, she helped surprise Luna at her solo concert, and performed as part of her group at SM Town Live 2019 in Tokyo.

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Furthermore, she has repeatedly expressed her love for F(x)’s discography, having previously discussed that she still loves “Shadow” and “4 Walls” after all these years.

While MeU’s have had to bear much uncertainty and patience for F(x)’s group promotions, it is moments like these that underline that hopefully F(x) will return and shine as artists.