This Game Of Thrones Actor Confessed To Being A BTS Stan “For Life”

“A girl has a bias.”

If you’re a fan of both Game Of Thrones and BTS, then, this is for you. 


It appears that actress Maisie Williams, who portrays Arya Stark in the hit series, is a big fan of BTS and claims to “stan them for life” in a recent tweet. 


It all started when someone tagged the actress with a video of the members doing the “idol challenge.” A challenge that has gone viral between BTS and their fans online. 


Fans jumped on their fellow ARMY and had to ask… “Who’s your bias?!” And the lucky chosen one was… Jungkook!


And the puns that came after were hilarious…


Whether it’s collaborating with Nicki Minaj or beating Taylor Swift’s record – BTS’s popularity knows no bounds! 


Now, one can’t help but wonder… How does Jungkook feel about the Arya Stark being his fan?