Male idol group returns as sub-unit and apologizes for past sexual assault controversy

Earlier this year, a male idol group became embroiled in a sexual assault controversy after a former female idol claimed she had been raped by one of its members.

The member was identified to have come from the group ZEST and Zenith Entertainment explained that he and the former female idol had been in a relationship but claimed rape after the relationship was over. Because of the scandal, ZEST’s schedule comeback for April was delayed due to its damages.

On September 10th, the male idol group returned as a sub-unit called ZEST-Z, holding their showcase in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul to promote their single, “Give Me A Chance.”

At the showcase, the members were quoted saying, “It was hard this year due to a scandal that unraveled. We are so sorry. We didn’t know these things would happen, but we are also having a hard time. Through this opportunity, we have become stronger. The ZEST-Z members’ friendship has also deepened. If a man has plucked out a knife, he has to be able to do something. We will start anew.”

The member who had been charged with sexual assault had been exempted from this unit.

ZEST-Z contains the members of the vocal line, including Shun (leader, lead vocal), Yeho (lead vocal), and Shin (main vocal). The other members of ZEST are the rap line Choi Go and Duk Shin.

Source: Star News