Male Singer Revealed To Have Secretly Filmed Women At Public Bathroom, Agency Cancels Contract

He was found guilty and charged.

Singer MoonMoon was revealed to have used hidden cameras to secretly film a female using a public bathroom. He is currently on probation for his crimes.


Dispatch received a tip of MoonMoon’s criminal history, and they quickly began an investigation to confirm the source.

“[MoonMoon] has a criminal record of filming with a hidden camera. It’s a crime that’s unacceptable, especially during recent societal issues.” — Tip To Dispatch


Dispatch’s investigation confirmed that the tip was indeed true. MoonMoon was found guilty of installing a hidden camera to secretly record a woman using a public bathroom in Gangnam.

The above photo has no relation to MoonMoon.


The woman discovered the camera reported him to the police. He was found guilty and sentenced to two years of probation.


MoonMoon’s agency, House Of Music, announced that they were unaware of his criminal record when they signed him to their label.

“We confirmed that MoonMoon committed the crime before signing a contract with us. He didn’t notify us of it, so we were unaware.” — House Of Music (Statement to Dispatch)


As soon as they confirmed the facts, House Of Music terminated their contract with him. They cancelled all of his schedules and activities as well.

House Of Music is a subsidiary of Starship Entertainment, home to top idols like SoYou, MONSTA X and more.


MoonMoon is best known for his songs titled “Contrail”, “Paint” and more.

Source: Dispatch